I Am…

I Am… Video

I am scar tissue

Skin held together

By needle point and glue


I am a head full

Of voices who contend

Shouting and whispers


I am contradictions

My own vilifications

Contentment’s unbound


I am your acceptance

Arms stretched wide

Careful not to let go


I am the quiet one

Resentful of you

Anxiety overload


I am the loud vexatious one

Hiding behind words

That make no sense


I am scar tissue

Not broken bones

Unbidden and unessential


I am a dark cloud

Can’t shake it off

Like the black dog


I am fighting with myself

Heartstrings pulling one way

Threads of sense the other


I am pain

Searing hot, internal

Sharp cold relentless


I am the soft touch

Gentle to the skin

Easy to manipulate


I am burning lungs

Top speed 70%

Current speed 45%


I am the struggle for air

Rattling lungs

Crushing my chest


I am the sounds of silence

Clock ticking, tap dripping

White noise in your ears


I am whatever you want me to be

Patiently waiting

No, I’m not


I am butterflies

Crawling from a cocoon

In my stomach


I am scar tissue

From broken hearts

Too many pieces


I am drums and cymbals

Banging loudly

Crashing untimely


I am unforeseen intricacies

The unknown quantity

Balancing delicately


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