Once anything was possible

Once I asked questions to find the answers

Once I believed

Once when you held me I felt safe

Once the sky was full of stars and we found our way home.


Once you told me it didn’t matter what other people said

Once you made me smile

Once we laughed

Once anything was possible

Once I believed.


Once, just maybe

Once it seemed, oh, so simple

Once it didn’t matter because we were invincible

Once we stayed out all night until the sun came up.


Once you made me cry

Once it felt like the end

Once nothing was possible

Once I stopped believing

Once for sure

Once it was all over.


Once it didn’t stop raining for days on end

Once everything was wet

Once you were too late.


Once there was no going back

Once you asked me to explain and I couldn’t

Once I screamed and shouted until my throat closed down and I slid to the ground.


Once I believed

Once I could hear my hear beat

Once you told me it wasn’t your fault

Once I asked you to explain and you couldn’t

Once nothing was simple

Once you left…


There is a link to a live one off performance of this piece inside a shipping container…


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